Purring - S/T Demonstration EP

So it’s been a while since our last post, a lot is happening at Library Group HQ that you’ll know about as soon as we can say but in the meantime we wanted to do a quick post about our latest release [LGR004]/

Purring released their debut Self Titled Demonstration Extended Player in December of 2018 while on tour with Holy Forrest in Adelaide. A collection of six songs that have been floating around computer hard drives and tape machines for the last few years now, growing and growing with each overdub added and mix down completed.

Blending shoegaze walls of sound, dream pop harmonies/melodies, and lush ambient textures, the ep details the story of two lovers gliding together deep within a hazey reverie, transferring spiritual energy, their universal connexion beyond words, and ultimately finding each other 

Limited to an edition of 22, each tape is completely unique, with repurposed cassettes [found in a box on the nature strip near my local shops] hand dubbed and numbered. Cases were found in Charity stores around Sydney, taken home, and cleaned. 

Each cover is an original photographic print, taken and developed by hand in 2005.
Each insert created with the help of Nancy Phung on a kitchen table in Adelaide.

We’re super happy with the way these tapes turned out, and feel they perfectly embody the feeling of the record.

Launching the record at Brick City Bar in Adelaide with brethren DRAINING was an unforgettable experience. The lineup featured PURRING mastermind Joshua McBeath on Guitar, Nancy Phung and Jesse Cloutt of HOLY FORREST (drums and bass respectively) as well as a guest appearance from Alister Douglas (Blush Response) on guitar for the song ’Sucker’.

Pick up your copy of PURRING’s Self Titled Demonstration Extended Player via our bandcamp.